We provide a complete school counselling service in primary or secondary school settings. We have experience of setting up and running school counselling services, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the school.

Our aim is to provide counselling support to the students and to work closely alongside the child protection staff and other members of the faculty. Our service is designed to respond to the personal, social, emotional and educational concerns of the students. We are there to promote the safety and wellbeing needs of the pupils.

As family counsellors we can work in the wider community with other family members.

We have a number of years of EAP experience, with Relate, servicing their Stockport Council contract, so we can offer counselling support to the teaching and administrative school staff.

Issues we work with are

  • academic problems
  • exam pressure
  • work issues
  • peer and social media pressures
  • family problems
  • self harm
  • eating disorders 
  • divorce and separation
  • bullying
  • trauma and abuse (EMDR)

Please ring us on 07951 738499 or email us at info@northwesttherapy.org.uk to find out how we could build your school counselling service to meet the needs of your students and faculty.

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